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Caroline Beatty

Hill House estate is now held in a family trust. Use of the property for the Sanctuary Project is Caroline’s initiative and the work is actively managed by her.

Caroline has a background in equalities work with a particular focus on race equality and multiculturalism.  She has worked in the refugee support sector in Bristol since 2006, is a patron of Bristol Refugee Rights, a trustee of City of Sanctuary UK and a co-chair of the local charity Bristol City of Sanctuary.

An advisory group of 9 people with a range of relevant skills and experience meets 3 times a year to support and advise on the development of the Hill House Sanctuary Project.  They are

John Patrick Njau         JP





Lucy White  is a freelance writer and trainee in equine facilitated learning. She brings her experience of running and consulting on various retreat centre projects, as well as having spent some time as a resident host/guardian at Hill House. Lucy is passionate about what supports out to ourselves, each other and to nature and it is this interest that draws her to the Sanctuary Project at Hill House


Naomi Millner    is a lecturer in human geography (social sciences) at the University of Bristol. She is a Trustee of the Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN), which she helped to set up in 2009. BHN supports asylum-seekers who have lost the right to housing, by providing accommodation, information and advocacy, and creative community involvement. Naomi also enjoys creative writing, gardening, and outdoor adventures


Pammy Michell           lived and worked in Inner City Birmingham until retiring to Stroud a few years ago. Her background is parenting, youth work, social work, lecturing and training social workers, trades union rep.. She is Buddhist, with a life long interest in peace, politics, and equalities, especially anti-racism. She is a volunteer at GARAS (Gloucester Refugee Centre) and initiated and co-ordinates community support for Syrian families resettled in Stroud.

Paul Shevlin Paul          is a retired psychology lecturer with experience of community involvement including elected Councillor, local Race Equality Council member, and Director of a Community Development Trust.  He now volunteers with  Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers(GARAS) and supports Syrian families in Stroud.

Perdita Dawson is a local resident in Amberley

Sarah Hughes is Director of Notre Dame Refugee Centre in Leicester Square in London

Wendy Gerard   has lived in the Nailsworth area for  45 years. She has worked as a Probation Officer, Access to Higher Education Humanities Course Leader, an Adult Guidance Tutor, and as a Mental Health Social Worker until her retirement. Until grandmother duties took over, she volunteered with Home-Start and Citizens Advice and is now a board member for Nailsworth Community Land Trust, which is building ten affordable rented homes in the town. She is a member of Nailsworth Quaker Meeting, which has been supporting the work of GARAS for many years and which is currently exploring becoming a Sanctuary Meeting. She tries to live her witness to the Quaker testimonies of peace, simplicity, equality and social justice in an active way.

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