Volunteer Mornings 2020

We hold a volunteer morning once a month, on the first or second Monday.  They go like this:

  • arrive 10 am for tea, coffee, chat and divvying up the morning tasks
  • working 10.30 to 1 pm (with another tea break)
  • 1 pm shared lunch (provided by Hill House)

It’s a lot of fun, we get loads done (currently preparing the area for a planned pottery shed, creating new paths, raking leaves, chopping wood, shifting compost), and we get to meet and chat to a wonderful varied bunch of folk!

Absolutely fine to join us on an ad hoc basis.  Helpful to know how many for lunch (use the contact form).

Next mornings: 13th January, 2nd February, 3rd March, 9th March, 6th April, 1st June

First weekend of May 2020 is the Spring Gardening Weekend!

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