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Impact of Coronavirus

Following national guidance (16 March 2020), we are suspending residential sanctuary breaks and public events at the house for the time being. We are really sorry,  but mindful of the impact of group visits on vulnerable people of all ages.  We wish everyone very well through this strange period.

The Transforming Power of Storytelling

A  FORGIVENESS PROJECT  training course at Hill House  Postponed until - 5th and 6th September   The two day course on planned for April had been fully booked some weeks ago.  It will not be possible sadly to run it then, but as there is a strong interest in it, we are postponing it to early September, provisionally.  Nearer... Continue Reading →

Mixed Pickles and Multicultural Chutneys

20th-21st October 2018 Perhaps every culture in the world has traditional methods of preserving food for lean times. This is a weekend to learn from each other, share recipes from round the world and make seasonal pickles and chutneys to take away.  Besides European enthusiasts, we hope to have Sudanese and Kurdish experts on hand.... Continue Reading →

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