The Transforming Power of Storytelling

A  FORGIVENESS PROJECT  training course at Hill House 

Postponed until – 5th and 6th September  

The two day course on planned for April had been fully booked some weeks ago.  It will not be possible sadly to run it then, but as there is a strong interest in it, we are postponing it to early September, provisionally.  Nearer the time, it will become clear if we need to postpone again.

We will be extremely privileged to welcome Marina Cantacuzino and Sandra Barefoot to Hill House for the two day course, whenever it happens.   Marina is founder of the powerful Forgiveness Project exhibition and Sandra is the Programme Manager for the FP programme RESTORE, working within prisons.  They are experienced, compelling, and compassionate workshop leaders. 

An understanding of the meaning of forgiveness, for ourselves and for each other, which can take a different form and path for everyone, is vitally important in these times.  Being able to tell our stories and listen deeply to each other’s, is a key towards that understanding.   Details of the course and how to book are available here.  If you would like to stay at the house, please use the contact form to arrange that directly with Hill House



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